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    December 02, 2019 2 min read

    wattlegroveeucalyptusoilIn 2012 Bernie & Nicole Henderson along with their sons Jack & Sandon purchased the farm “Wattle Grove” at Buckleboo. The property already had an established plantation of Eucalyptus Polybractea & Loxophleba carbon credit trees planted 3 years prior. During the next 5 years the trees where under a contract with a Western Australian company for carbon credits. This company went into receivership, so Bernie & Nicole decided to investigate on how to get the rights to own the trees outright, thinking about clearing some off the runs. It was a few months later that good friends Greg Ward & Larry Turner from Kangaroo Island came over to visit the farm. During their visit, Greg noted the trees and made comment about them possibly being the right variety for eucalyptus oil.

    Bernie & his youngest son Sandon then took samples of the leaves down to Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island to get them tested. This is where they had a look at their eucalyptus production and saw how they produced oil. The samples came back as exceptional cineoil levels so Bernie & Nicole then investigated how they could possibly do their own harvest and oil production themselves. Bernie, Greg & Larry then headed to Kalannie, Western Australia to inspect other distilleries to find out how other producers were doing it. After much research they came across a company called Native Oils Australia, where they have now joined forces to harvest and produce the oil directly on farm. It will be a long process chain sawing each individual tree for the first harvest, but once the first harvest is finished, it should take approximately 18 months before new shoots form & the next harvest begins.


    Located at Buckleboo, South Australia, we grow all of our eucalyptus trees on site to produce all of our oil.

    • 100% Natural ingredients Plant based, high quality, steam distilled essential oils
    • No artificial colours, dyes or fillers
    • Our steam pressed biomass mulch is used throughout the West Coast
    • Cruelty free: No animal ingredients + no animal testing


    We use only the highest quality ingredients and through a process of small batch production, each and every candle, spray & Eucalyptus bottles are hand poured and hand labelled.

    WAX Our candles are made with the highest quality deluxe clean burning soy wax. Soy wax is a natural wax that is sensitive to changes in temperature. On occasion, you may notice what looks like an air bubble between the wax and the glass – this can occur when soy wax shrinks due to a change in temperature. Essential oils work well for holding scent in soy wax. They burn more slowly so the scent is gradually released as opposed to an immediate wave of strong scent. This creates a more pleasant atmosphere that adds aromatherapy benefits.

    WICKS Our wicks are 100% cotton and free of lead. Since the core of this advanced wick consists of fibres and not metal, it does not leave behind the unsightly metal wire protruding from the flame as it burns.

    FRAGRANCES We use only the finest Australian 100% Essential Oils that fill your space.

    Visit www.wattlegroveeuca.com.au if you want to know more about Wattle Grove Eucalyptus Oil.