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    Kids Growth Mindset Journal Powerful Pink

    This journal is for suitable for children between 6 - 13 years of age. It provides a fun & entertaining way for them to think & reflect upon their day. Designed for them to write as regularly as they like or as they feel they need it. The journal is dateless and can be started at any time of the year.

    It's packed with games, positive quotes and affirmations, and over 10 challenges that will keep them busy for months! They will achieve goals that will help them feel empowered and confident.

    Your journal comes in a handy cotton drawstring bag for storage and protection, and also with a ‘positivity bracelet’ which comes with a little explanation. 

    Some Benefits of the kids journal;

    • Strengthens writing and communication skills
    • Guided questions help kids develop a positive mindset and focus on the good in life
    • Writing helps a child process events. Children experience new things every day. Journaling gives them a quiet space to go over these events so they can learn by reflection
    • Improves reading and comprehension
    • Encourages children to read and write with fluency and critical thinking skills
    • Teaches children to use writing as a form of self-expression
    • Helps them to build confidence and realise their true potential
    • It can improve their emotional wellbeing and can overall make them feel happier. 
    • Provides a feeling of independence and ownership
    • It can reduce stress and anxiety in children and help them cope with stressful experiences in a healthy way
    • Helps them to slow down and pay attention
    • Gives the child a sense of responsibility and accountability. Children love to complete  tasks on their own it provides them with a sense of accomplishment and keeps their minds strong
    • Teaches them self respect and self worth
    • Stimulates their creativity through reading, writing, drawing, and completing fun challenges