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    Life Planner / Weekly Planner / Undated

    Not your average standard planner, this one will keep your entire life organised. This stunner comes in it's own luxurious linen covered box in matching oatmeal. There are two additional pages every week for Sunday planning so you can kick back with tea or coffee at hand & set yourself up feeling ready & prepared for the week ahead.  Features include;

    • Premium cloth covered journal
    • Ethically sourced and manufactured
    • 336 pages printed on high-quality thick acid-free archival paper
    • Size of book is 233mm x 157mm
    • Internal pages are 227mm x 150mm
    • All pages are printed on high quality non-coated 110GSM paper which lay flat for easy use
    • 3 ribbon matching ribbon bookmarks 
    • Built in pocket on the back page 
    • Gold foil embossing on the front and back cover and spine

    Why is it called a Life Planner I hear you ask?

    • Weekly spreads to plan your daily activities (undated so you can start at any time, without wasting any pages)
    • A habit tracker with up to 3 habit spaces every week
    • 2 pages dedicated to Sunday planning every single week to ensure you start the week feeling ready and prepared
    • A meal planner every week with a shopping list that tears away (so handy!)
    • A list for weekend ideas and travel plans
    • Over 100 pages of other handy lists
    • A section where you list your dreams and goals, and you can keep track of them
    • A budget tracker to stay in charge of all your finances
    • A bill tracker to keep on top of all the annoying bills
    • A savings tracker so you can save for all the amazing things you need in your life
    • A simple cleaning schedule (daily, monthly & annual)
    • A 30 day cleaning challenge to make your whole house spotless in 30 days (wow)
    • A 12 month self care planner for a strong and healthy mind
    • A 12 month fitness tracker to keep track of all your fitness goals
    • A list of self care ideas
    • A chapter dedicated to reflecting and planning (this section is a bit like a journal) A list of questions designed to help you reflect on your year that was and write the changes you want to make for next year
    • A password tracker - because we all know this is becoming an impossible task!
    • A gift planner to plan your gift giving all year round
    • Spaces for customized lists - because we can never have enough lists
    • 20 Creative outlet pages for all your amazing ideas and creativity bursts